My Research


1.      Revealed Votes forthcoming in Social Choice and Welfare

Earlier version was circulated as Vote revelation: empirical characterization of scoring rules ITAM Working Paper 2011-02 [latest version]


2.      Ignorance and Bias in Collective Decision: Theory and Experiments (with Alexander Elbittar, Cesar Martinelli and Thomas Palfrey) ITAM Working Paper 2014-01, forthcoming in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization


3.      Endogenous Platforms: stochastic membership (with with Francisco Marhuenda and Ignacio Ortuno-Ortin ITAM Working Paper 2013-09 Economic Theory, 62 (2016): 839 - 866

4.      Negative Advertising During Mexico s 2012 Presidential Campaign (with Emilio Gutierrez and Zeev Thepris), in The Political Economy of Social Choices, Maria Gallego and Norman Schofield, (eds.), Springer Verlag: 2016

5.      An experimental study of Demand Reduction and Bidder Collusion in Uniform- and Discriminatory-Price Auctions (with Alexander Elbittar),  ITAM Working Paper 2008-01 [latest version] in Emile Borel and the Notion of Strategy: 90th Anniversary, David Cantala, ed., Colegio de Mexico 2014

6.      Group Decision-Making and Voting in Ulltimatum Bargaining: An experimental Study (with Alexander Elbittar and Laura Sour), ITAM Working Paper 2004-07B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (Contributions) , 11 (2011): article 53

7.      Vote revelation: empirical content of scoring rules, in: Schofield, Norman, and Gonzalo Caballero (eds.). Political Economy of Institutions, Democracy and Voting. Berlin: Springer-Verlag: 2011, 411-417

8.      An experimental study of the citizen-candidate model (with Alexander Elbittar) in Political Economy of Democracy, E. Aragones, C. Bevia, H. Lllavador and N. Schofield, (Eds.), Fundacion BBVA: 2009

9.      Endogenous platforms: the case of many parties (with Francisco Marhuenda and Ignacio Ortuno-Ortin), International Journal of Game Theory, 35 (2007): 223-249.

10.  Anonymity in Large Societies (with Cesar Martinelli and Ricard Torres), ITAM Working Paper 2002-11,  Social Choice and Welfare 25 (2005): 187-205.

11.  An example of non-existence of three-community equilibrium,  Journal of Public Economic Theory, 7 (2005): 285-294 .

12.  A Model of Endogenous Political Party Platforms (with Francisco Marhuenda and Ignacio Ortuno-Ortin), Economic Theory, 24 (2004): 373-394. IVIE Working Paper AD 2003-12

13.  When the State is Untrustworthy: Public Finance and Private Banking in Porfirian Mexico (with Noel Maurer), Journal of Economic History, 64 (2004): 1087-1107. ITAM Working Paper 2004-02

14.  Sorting Equilibrium in a Multi-jurisdiction Model,  Journal of Economic Theory, 116 (2004): 138-154.


Working papers and work in progress

1.    How Many Sorting Equilibria are There (generically), ITAM Working Paper 2003-03 [latest version]

2.       "My friends: it would be an error to accept": Communication and group identity in a bargaining setting (with Alexander Elbittar) [latest version], ITAM Working Paper 2012-03

  1. Legal Evidence and Rational Inattention (with Andrew Caplin and Joyce Sadka), coming soon
  2. Coattails and the Forces that Drive Them: Evidence from Mexico (with Emilio Gutierrez, Paulina Lopez and Alejandra Vasquez) ITAM Working Paper 2015-05 [latest version] revise and resubmit
  3. When Should the Jurors Talk: Timing of Communication and Rational Ignorance (joint with Diego Aycinena, Alexander Elbittar and Lucas Rentschler), coming soon